Where Am I Going?

I started out early. My voicemail had a message. Since I do not get many calls, there's a always a good chance that something happened to Mother. She is 95, I am 65, and my son is 35 (that's how I remember it).

This time it was just an automated phone survey from my insurance provider.

Mother said my cousin P. had visited her in the nursing home. Apparently, he has a job interviewing residents. Mother and P. conducted a ten-minute formal interview. Although they recognized each other, they stayed in character throughout the interview, until P. left. Mother wasn't sure what it was about. Nevertheless, it is good that she was amused.

Back in Time

M. was not going to have time to make dinner, so I was supposed to bring takeout home. She wanted her hamburger well-done. I put the order in, -- M. was supposed to have the hamburger with bacon, mine with all the normal toppings. There was something else she wanted but it didn't make sense, so I ... forgot about it.

A change in kitchen staff caused the order to be lost.

I reordered. After about ten minutes, it seemed as though the order was lost again. I tried to ask the worker, who was busy tackling some other problem. Eventually, another cook came back and said, "Let's see...You had this hamburger, right? " handing me a small bun with a tiny greasy hamburger in it, that looked like it had been returned by another customer.

Frightened that it was getting late, I abandoned this order, jumped back into the car and decided to call an order in ahead to the next food stop. I still had another hour on the road, so this made sense, regardless of any other disharmonic circumstances.