What Did I Do?

I missed Mozart's birthday. That is, I forgot to remember it. Why was that?

Oh..That day, Friday, January 25th we were going over to watch the grandchildren for a weekend, letting their parents take a getaway trip to S.F.

In a coincidence, two or more things can happen at once. In this case, I was starting to get a cold. That first day, I had a mild sore throat, and hoped that I wasn't a health hazard to the 3 youngsters. We spent some time talking and playing with iphones, kindles, etc. and planning for the next couple of days and what chores Mother had set each child to do and get credit for.

The first night my cold made me a little delirious. I dreamt that I was a doctor, treating a patient who had suffered massive, catastrophic injury to the left side of his head. This dream had a happy ending, because the patient slept peacefullly and made a dramatic recovery. I am not a doctor, and have no healing skills, and when Liam came to me with a wood sliver in his finger, I turned it over to Mary.

I am able to mend people's computers, though.

The next day I had fun watching Jack's basketball game, in which he played with great skill and sportsmanship, even though the opposing team had a habit of stealing the ball illegally. Later, we saw the planetarium, and then returned home for dinner.

The older dog was sick all day, and had dry heaves for a considerable amount of time. Eventually, she threw up on the stairs, just as we were getting ready to eat our pizza. I got praise for cleaning up the mess, though Amelia helped with providing rags and cleaning supplies.

That night I was not sleeping well, and spent a considerable amount of time semi-awake, reminiscing about a song we did when I played in a polka band about 35 years ago -- a cover of Kenny Rogers' "While I Play the Fiddle", in which we attached Polish oberek riffs to the beginnning and end of the song. It seemed important. Fortunately, Amelia's piano rendition of a klezmer tune, "Tumbalalaika," distracted me part of the time.

The last day, Sunday, we all went to the donut shop for breakfast: A celebration of my twenty-dollar gift certificate there.

We kept watch over Cali, and she seemed better. Then we got ready to pick up Mother and Dad at the airport.

I still have a cold, but it's getting better. I should study my Spanish lessons, or think about Mozart. Or not.



Mozart's birthday is actually the 27th