Simpson Tacoma Kraft went to court earlier this year to try to keep Proposition 1 off the ballot. Simpson has poured $35,000 into its group "Stop Higher Utility Taxes". It complains that Proposition 1 will cost it $500,000 per year.

This paper mill is very energy-intensive. Simpson obtained a $17 million tax break to develop biomass electricity production, allowing it to become energy self-sufficient.

Instead of using that electricity, it sells the power at a premium to other utilities who must meet renewable quotas. As a result, Simpson replaces the energy it sells with lower-cost electricity from the city of Tacoma.

Simpson Tacoma Kraft should start using the biomass power it's been subsidized to produce, and Tacoma voters should vote yes on Proposition 1 to get the street repairs we so desperately need.


Proposition 1

This Proposition failed: The winners outspent the losers.