Winter, 2013


In December, my wife asked me to bring the sage inside to avoid weather extremes. It's been inside for 25 days now, and I've been watering it about once a week. It has been developing a new set of leaves.

Now I am asked to take the sage back outside. Here is a picture of the plant just as I put it outside today on 2/3/14. Does anybody know how much I should water it now, and what to expect?. The temperatures are in their mid 30's.

Before and After Pictures

The first picture of an old man in an old mirror, in an old year. The second one is on January 2nd with my new haircut, shirt and gloves. It's not too cold here, but if a Tea Party operative has to shake hands with me, it will get a little cold and the gloves will offer him some protection against contamination.


Evan Nicholas will be curating a winter show with several of Aaron Bartley's midcentury chairs in a major American city TBD. He's on the road with them now.

December, 2013


Lately on Facebook, I've been noticing frequent posts referring to a "science" website with a title that includes a prominent vulgar word. I'm sure everyone knows what I am talking about.

It's absurd that someone would be able to base an entire web enterprise around the blatant use of an obscenity. I have heard that this author has become quite the celebrity, and is now accepting interviews.

Our society can benefit from the rigor and beauty of true scientific inquiry. There are plenty of good science-oriented websites out there with interesting and worthwhile information, actually helping advance knowledge and understanding. What makes this website special is its author's crass need to be outrageous for publicity's sake, using an in-your-face rudeness to attract attention, get publicity, and make money.

Children, the most precious and vulnerable among us, must be protected from the onslaught of this crudeness. In that sense, the author is elitist, and doesn't care. It hurts us all.

We all make mistakes, but this is not something to be proud of. I hope, sooner rather than later, that the author will begin to adopt a value system and become more aware of the damage she is causing. However, this would require painful steps in self-awareness and maturity.

-- John

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Milford, OH, In Late Fall, 2013

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