Avoiding Problems is Challenging

Computer Terror

For people seeking help with computer malfunctions, too often the stock answer is “buy a new computer.”Another frequent tip is: “Reinstall the operating system and all the applications.” Alas, there's always someone that wants to be an authority and causes too many people to suffer.

Sometimes, a solution looks legitimate and still doesn’t pan out. When I was having trouble streaming Hulu on my old XP, most sources were telling me to update the driver on the video card. I found the appropriate NVIDIA driver, correct for my card, and successfully installed it. But the computer crashed with the blue screen, -- a rare event on this machine.

Fortunately, a system restore undid any harm.

It is easy to be fooled, however, no matter how smart you think you are. Just recently, I put up a new mailbox for one of my websites. A message came up saying that I had not allocated enough email storage space. To fix the problem, a link was supplied. There is something ancient about this trick.

Another message flashed up warning me that this was spam, and for a moment I didn't know whom to believe.

My Computer is Eleven Years Old

My computer is eleven years old. Lately, I can't help thinking that in keeping this computer going I may be regarded as out-moded.

When we were seniors in high-school my friend Cliff used to complain that his father was always tinkering with an old VW Bug from around 1960, obsessed with trying to get the car to work. They had just moved to a new house, and Cliff said it was like boarding an airplane that was never going to take off.

We often poked fun at our fathers during those days, but guess what!...