February Dream


We're starting to pack for a household move, and I run across an old broken timex wristwatch. I see that it can't be fixed, and I throw it out.

Later I have a negroni.


Toward morning, I have a dream: Our family is staying in France, and we are a group of about five adults and five children, 12 years old and younger. It is morning, and it is my turn to go out and get take-home breakfast for everybody.

Walking around on foot, I begin to realize that I am lost. I don't recognize any of the buildings, and it looks like a strange neighborhood.

After some time, I start to worry that people are going to want their breakfast..the hungry children waiting for their pastries.

I pick up my phone to call my wife. It is a weird foreign watch/phone with a circular-shaped display on a watch dial -- the pre-entered contact phone numbers are in strange rotating pie-segments. In the indistinct light, I stab at the number which looks like my wife's, but I miss. Finally, I try to enter the number from scratch: 987-8495. I flub it and fumble with the phone. Suddenly it is mangled, the glass cover is ripped off, the bent hands look like broken insect antennae.

I become more anxious as I try to figure out what to do next. I seem to remember that the charcuterie was near where we were staying. As I am walking along, I notice a stranger who looks like an American -- equally bewildered as I am. I ask her in English, "Do you know where the charcuterie is?"

"I'm not sure, but I think it's this way," she says, pointing in a direction opposite to the way we are walking.